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  • News

    T. Rowe Price Rollover Planner Reviews and Recognitions

    Since its release, the T. Rowe Price Rollover Planner CD ROM has received rave reviews and recognitions from both within the organization and from major publications. Following are some of the most recent comments:

    James Riepe
    Chairman, T. Rowe Price Investment Services

    "The new Rollover Planner is a valuable extension of our efforts to provide investors with access to the tools and timely information needed for making smart investment decisions. We strive to give investors a full scope of accurate information, including educational tools and calculators that help them to plan for retirement and better manage their entire portfolios."

    Jeff Brown
    Philadelphia Inquirer Financial Columnist
    Monday, Jun 14, 2004

    "If you have a computer, there's a terrific program called the Rollover Planner, offered free by T. Rowe Price, the mutual-fund company. Besides detailing the pros and cons of all 401(k) options, it has calculators for figuring how each would affect you."

    Chuck Jaffe
    Boston Globe Financial Columnist
    July 18, 2004

    "In a subject where outstanding help is available free from seemingly everyone, the standout was the Rollover Planner from T. Rowe Price. It includes a CD-ROM to walk you through the process of making this key financial change."

    Craig Interactive completes T. Rowe Price Rollover Planner: an interactive guide to rolling over retirement money.

    Craig Interactive Program Manager adds years to your on-site and on-line installations.

    In the past, updating Web sites and permanent kiosk installations was a time-consuming and expensive process. Not any more. With the Craig Interactive Program Manager, our clients can easily change and update their programs to keep them fresh and current. The result is a Web site or kiosk that lasts longer while saving our clients time and money.

    Program Manager combines a content management database and a performance database. Designated personnel can add or edit existing content by simply typing into a text field or replacing an image, sound or video file. It's that simple. Whether you plan on changing content daily or once a year, Program Manager is the perfect solution for extending the life of your project.

    Program Manager also allows designated personnel to monitor system usage, performance and health. Program Manager can log activity, send alerts, rotate content, and more.

    All functions of Program Manager can be operated locally or remotely (intranet or internet).

    Craig Interactive completes installations for Discover Your Past exhibition at the National Archives.

    Craig Interactive produces Helical Heart documentary about the revolutionary discoveries of Dr. Francisco Torrent-Guasp.

  • Services

    Craig Interactive creates

    media-rich learning programs for installation, online and CD/DVD ROM environments. We provide conceptual and instructional design, content creation, programming, testing, and support and maintenance services.

    Interactive Systems and Kiosks; Sensor-Controlled Media Installations; Complementary Web Site Design and Development; CD and DVD ROM Production; Audio-Visual Production and Installations including Film, Hi-Definition Video, DVD, 2D and 3D Animation, Interactive Television, Music and Narration.

    Education and Training
    Distance Learning Courses and Courseware; Training, Tracking, and Assessment Programs; Instructional, Informational and Orientation Programs; New Media Educational Programs for Publishing.

    Direct-to-Consumer Web Sites; Business-to-Business Web Sites and Applications; Sales and Marketing Programs; Market Research Programs and Tools; Human Resources Programs and Tools.

    Project Manager
    Craig Interactive Project Manager adds years to your on-site and on-line installations.

    In the past, updating Web sites and permanent kiosk installations was a time-consuming and expensive process. Not any more. With the Craig Interactive Project Manager, our clients can easily change and update their programs to keep them fresh and current. The result is a Web site or kiosk that lasts longer while saving our clients time and money.

    Project Manager combines a content management database and a performance database. Designated personnel can add or edit existing content by simply typing into a text field or replacing an image, sound or video file. It's that simple. Whether you plan on changing content daily or once a year, Project Manager is the perfect solution for extending the life of your project.

    All functions of Project Manager can be operated locally or remotely (intranet or internet).

  • Process

    Collaboration is the key.

    We believe interaction and communication with the client is directly proportional to the success of any project. We like to learn. We feel our clients learn from us, too-exciting new ways to deploy content and engage their audience. This synergy is what we strive to attain on every project, through every phase of production.

    Analysis and Planning
    First, we listen. We listen to your ideas and vision, your goals and learning objectives. We ask a lot of questions, about your audience, about your project's assets and constraints. We take all this knowledge and develop several concepts that meet the objectives for the project, including budget and schedule. Working with the client, we select and refine a concept for further development. We create detailed outlines, instructional designs, flow charts, storyboards and a graphic look and feel for the project. After all parts of the concept are approved, we move to the next phase, Design and Development.

    Design and Development
    Next, we develop a schedule that breaks down the entire production into tasks, including hours per task, start and finish points, status reports, periods for client review and changes. This detailed production schedule allows us to "red flag" early any delays or developments that may affect schedule, budget, design, or production.

    Throughout Design and Development clients are involved in every phase of production. All work is posted on our client-secure site for review and change requests. On-site meetings are arranged at key moments in production and at the client's discretion. Clients are encouraged to attend off-site productions, such as video shoots and audio recording sessions whenever possible.

    Quality Assurance
    With client participation through every phase of production, you are assured that every frame, every image, every word, every sound has been shaped, adjusted, fine-tuned and polished to be the best it can be. A new rigor of Quality Assurance begins once the elements are assembled.

    All software (Multimedia and Web sites) is reviewed frame by frame for content, design and functionality by client and us (Alpha Testing). All software is again tested for functionality by us and third-party (outside) experts (Beta Testing). All films and videos go through a thorough final review before going to final edit, audio sweetening and final format.

    From concept to reality, every phase of production involves procedures that assure quality.

    Support and Maintenance
    Craig Interactive guarantees full functionality and integrity of our software for one year (longer, if requested) upon completion of the project.

  • Projects

    • Exhibits

      Craig Interactive combines design, media and technology to create educational and entertaining
      Learning Environments for exhibitions, trade shows and other public spaces. Whether a single touchscreen kiosk or a complex network of servers, motion triggers, projectors, speakers and lights, every Craig Interactive Learning Environment focuses on engaging the visitor in a meaningful pursuit of knowledge.

      • The Once and Future Web
        National Library of Medicine
        Opened May, 2001

        What it is
        An interactive exhibition that explores the power of instant communication, from the invention of the telegraph to the evolution of the Internet.

        At the exhibition, visitors can interact with a telegraph officer, learn Morse Code and send a message to a friend; learn about digitization by taking a digital self-portrait, manipulating the image, and emailing it; conduct a virtual interview with a famous artist; and explore the origins, culture and impact of the telegraph and internet through interviews, animations, dramatic readings, music, archival films, photos, and more.

        What we did
        Craig Interactive produced fifteen interactive learning stations that allow visitors to use telegraph and Internet technologies and learn about them in a media-rich environment.

        How we did it
        We worked with the exhibition staff to develop strategies for an interactive environment. We created and refined concepts, designs, scripts, flow charts and technical specifications. We produced all audiovisual elements, including interviews, videos, hi-definition animations, original music and voice recordings. We designed and programmed hundreds of screens integrating multimedia, audiovisual and Internet technologies. We tested, installed and supported software and hardware for each station.

      • Discover Your Past
        NARA Mid-Atlantic Region
        Opened March, 2003

        The Discover Your Past exhibit introduces visitors to the many primary resources available at NARA Mid-Atlantic Region. Through explorations of these resources and demonstrations of how they can be used, guests learn how to make their own discoveries into the past.

        Genealogy: Connections to the Past
        This interactive kiosk provides visitors with the tools they need to conduct their own genealogical research. Visitors can examine the different types of genealogical resources available and follow case studies to see how different pieces of information fit together to tell a story.

        Let Your Voice Be Heard!
        This interactive kiosk allows visitors to follow a ground breaking court case from the Mid-Atlantic Region. Through Archive resources, visitors are presented both sides of the argument and are then asked to vote on the issue. Visitors are then instructed to remove historical documents from the kiosk drawer to see the actual outcome.

      • The Helical Heart
        Buckberg Foundation

        What it is
        A 30 minute documentary exploring the research and theories of Dr. Francisco Torrent Guasp, whose discovery of the myocardial band is shattering ideas about the heart that have been held since the 17th Century.

        What we did
        Craig Interactive wrote, produced and directed the documentary for educational audiences and cable health and learning channels. Medical illustrations and animations were produced by our partners on the project, renowned medical studios

        How we did it
        The documentary presents Dr. Torrent Guasp's scientific method as a mystery, and follows his fifty years of research as he unravels the mystery; first discovering the myocardial band, a single muscular band that twists and loops forming the ventricles of the heart; and second, discovering how the muscular band functions as a pumping and sucking mechanism. The documentary features interviews with prominent physicians, researchers and educators (including Dr. Torrent Guasp), archive film and photos, extensive 2D and 3D animations, medical imaging sequences, and a demonstration of Torrent Guasp dissecting the myocardial band.

      • Medicines; the inside story
        Task Force for Child Survival and Development
        Opened 1996
        (Sponsored by Glaxo Wellcome)

        What it is
        A traveling exhibition exploring the past, present and future of medicines.

        Visitors to the exhibition can make a medicine and test it on a virtual patient; investigate diseases and therapeutic approaches, explore the systems, types and actions of medicines; and travel inside the human body to see how a medicine works. A take home CD ROM and teacher's edition CD ROM is also part of the exhibition.

        What we did
        Richard Craig served as Project Manager, Audiovisual Director, and Writer/Editor for three interactive learning stations, a theater film, two videos, one flythrough 3D animation, and 2 CD ROMs. Barbara Foley was the lead designer and programmer for the project.

        How we did it
        We worked with the exhibition staff to develop strategies for the interactive and audiovisual components of the exhibition. We created a database archiving and tracking thousands of digitized images for production. We worked with scientists, researchers, physicians and government officials to develop content - molecular modelers from the National Institutes of Health assisted in the design of the Make a Medicine interactive game. We worked with educators to develop the teacher's edition CD ROM with lesson plans and exercises. We designed and programmed hundreds of screens for the interactive stations and CD ROMs. We wrote, produced and directed all audiovisual elements.

      • Tylenol Health Information Kiosk
        McNeil Consumer Products

        What it is
        An entertaining and informative health information kiosk designed for installation in up to 2,500 health care facilities and pharmacies.

        At the kiosk, visitors interact with a doctor to explore common illnesses such as colds and flus, sinus infections, allergies, headaches, and arthritis. A Symptom Analyzer allows visitors to interact with the doctor to determine proper care for various symptoms.

        What we did
        Richard Craig wrote the interactive script, directed audiovisual productions, and supervised design and programming for the kiosk. The program featured six videos about common illnesses and drug safety. The videos combined 3D and 2D animations with live action characters to create the effect of taking a tour inside the body. The symptom analyzer was programmed to access over 20 shorter videos advising visitors how to care for their symptoms.

        How we did it
        The kiosk was programmed in 3DO, a type of DVD-ROM technology. Before DVD, deploying any significant number of interactive kiosks was prohibitively expensive-even as CPU costs keep coming down. This new technology makes it possible for McNeil Consumer Products to deploy thousands of kiosks, reach a broad audience, and make a significant impression.

      • Ikimbo's Omniprise Campaign

        What it is
        A multimedia marketing series announcing the launch of Ikimbo's Omniprise, a technology that offers a simple solution for creating global communication and file sharing networks.

        What we did
        Barbara Foley designed the product identity and supporting multimedia collateral for the Omniprise promotional campaign. Among the multimedia components she designed were custom animation sequences, sound tracks and programming for the tradeshow kiosk, product demonstration and interactive tour.

        How we did it
        Animation and programming for all components were developed in Macromedia Flash. Sound Edit 16 was used for editing the sound tracks.

    • Education & Training

      Craig Interactive combines proven learning practices with Internet and multimedia technologies to create
      customized education and training programs for corporations, associations, academic institutions, and other organizations. From online training and assessment modules for an international sales force to educational CD ROMs for children, every Craig Interactive Learning Environment engages, excites, challenges, and most importantly, empowers the learner.

      • Blue Cross Blue Shield

        What it is
        A fun and imaginative Orientation CD ROM that introduces new employees to Blue Cross Blue Shield; its history, organization and culture.

        Users of the program receive two tickets for a virtual trip to Washington, D.C., headquarters for Blue Cross Blue Shield of America. On the flight, they enjoy a short film about the history of the organization. Once in Washington, they receive a map indicating all the important offices and departments they need to visit, plus some interesting landmarks they can check out along the way. Each office and department features a short slide show plus numerous links to interesting facts and procedures.

        What we did
        Richard Craig served as creative consultant, instructional designer and writer on the project.

        How we did it
        We provided our client with several concepts that met objectives, budget and schedule. We refined and developed the virtual trip concept, producing instructional design, flow charts, outlines, and graphic design. We interviewed department officials and senior executives. We finalized the interactive script, including 2 videos, 12 slide shows, and over fifty other links and screens.

      • The Vital Cycle
        Lion Reef Software

        What it is
        A fun and educational interactive program for children that combines live action and animated characters in a 3D adventure through the human body.

        Max Oxygen is on a mission to deliver oxygen to the neuron forest. Along the way, watch out for Mr. Grimm, who is always trying to stop Max from completing his mission. Fear not, Dr. Bob and his trusty pal, T-Bone, are never far away to provide useful information to help Max reach the neuron forest. In the process, kids learn all about the delivery of oxygen to cells in the body, including anatomy, functions, malfunctions, and health and fitness.

        What we did
        Richard Craig served as instructional designer, writer and director for the program.

        How we did it
        A 3D fly-through animation serves as the narrative thread in the program. Live action characters were shot on a blue screen and inserted into the 3D environment, where they interact with the animated characters and functions of the body. When Max confronts an obstacle, players access Dr. Bob, Mr. Grimm, and T-Bone to find out how they can help.

      • Lucent Technologies

        What it is
        An interactive User's Guide CD ROM for the Lucent Echo Canceller line of products.

        The CD ROM is used as a marketing tool as well as a User's Guide with purchase. Through animations, short videos, graphics and text, users of the program can learn about the technology, the product line, and installation and maintenance.

        What we did
        Richard Craig served as producer, creative consultant, instructional designer and writer on the project.

        How we did it
        We met with engineering, brand, and marketing managers to determine objectives and scope of the project. We refined and developed the User's Guide concept, producing instructional design, flow charts, outlines, and graphic design. We shot step-by-step videos for installation and maintenance. We created animations and short videos for product descriptions and capabilities. We designed and programmed screens for product specifications, applications and other attributes.

      • Business Week

        What it is
        An interactive reference CD ROM for the leading business journal featuring an entire year of issues with full-text search capability.

        The archive contains a search engine that allows users to look up articles by issue, department, subject, and headline. Material can be viewed on screen, or printed out, allowing the user to compile and arrange a great deal of information in just minutes.

        The resulting archive is a great timesaver for business professionals, teachers, students and anyone else needing easy access to a full year of cutting edge business information.

        What we did
        Barbara Foley designed and developed this remarkable research tool, including the search engine and content organizer

        How we did it
        In one year, Business Week generates thousands of articles, editorials, photos and graphics, Creating a quick and useful reference tool was no small task. We worked with the client to assess the needs of their audience. We developed sophisticated search and retrieval capabilities and storage and management capabilities. We created a user friendly interface to run the engine and organizer. We designed a graphic interface that extends the Business Week brand.

      • VCampus

        What it is
        A learning system of interactive exercises with database connectivity for storing student input and a Web based authoring studio for course developers.

        What we did
        As creative and technical lead, Barbara Foley performed architectural planning, interface design, and programming for the activities engine and authoring studio.

        How we did it
        The learning activities are an integral part of VCampus courseware as it provides a means for students to actively engage with course content rather than simply reading it. Each course requires multiple activities. With the course library growing every quarter, VCampus needed a way to streamline the development of the complex interactive components.

        We developed a modular system for constructing activities so that they could be rapidly deployed. Through the authoring studio, course developers are now able to choose from a library of activity templates, select a color scheme, enter text based content into a database, and add custom graphics. To increase usability and minimize training, the studio comes with context sensitive online documentation.

    • Communications

      Craig Interactive integrates a broad range of Internet and multimedia technologies to create dynamic
      communications programs that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Streaming video, live Web casting, white boards, chat rooms, Flash animations and databases are some of the tools we employ to create highly functional Web sites for internal and external audiences.

      • Rollover Planner

        What it is
        Part educational, part marketing, this CD ROM leads potential customers through the important topics they should consider before rolling over retirement assets into an IRA account.

        Through interviews with financial experts, explanatory animations, retirement calculators, and fund selector tools, a rollover prospect can determine the issues, options, and investment preferences that are relevant to his or her particular situation. By the end of the program, the prospect has created a Personal Rollover Profile which can be saved and printed and which will assist the prospect in setting up a rollover account.

        What we did
        From concept through development, Craig Interactive worked closely with our clients to create a dynamic and engaging educational tool that responds to the individual needs and issues of the prospect while meeting the specific objectives of our clients.

        How we did it
        We utilized proven "best practices" for interactive learning to ensure a valuable experience for our audience. We created a graphic look that reflects the integrity and professionalism of our client. We produced animations, interactive exercises, and videos that provide users with meaningful answers to their concerns and needs. We made it simple to use. We programmed the CD to be easily converted to an internet application for future use. And we tested the program on multiple platforms and devices to ensure optimal performance.

      • Captial.Com

        What it is
        A groundbreaking investment news Web site featuring live webcasts, a video vault, articles and other services directed to middle market businesses and industries. is a business marketplace where premier financial institutions compete to provide capital and financial services. To attract and retain customers, the company created this innovate news and information Web site that features three live Webcasts each working day. was one of the first to employ Webcasting in a business to business environment.

        What we did
        Ellyn Meizlish served as Executive Producer on the project and was responsible for assembling and managing the entire team of writers, producers, technicians and on-air talent.

        How we did it
        The project began from scratch. While the webcasting studio was under construction, writers and producers began assembling programs for Webcasting. Graphic artists, set designers, animators and musicians worked together to create an identity. Programmers and technicians worked together to create a state-of-the-art Webcasting facility. The "network" was launched in six months with live news webcasts and over two dozen programs in the archives.

      • SmithKline Beecham

        What it is
        A sophisticated laptop sales presentation designed for high-level meetings with HMO executives.

        The program opens with a message from the president and an introduction to SmithKline Beecham's new integrated approach to working with HMOs. The vaccination program is featured as the first of many programs to be launched under this new approach. Clients are asked a number of questions about their current vaccination program. Based on the answers, a complete customized vaccination program is presented that meets the needs of the client.

        What we did
        Richard Craig served as creative consultant, instructional designer, and writer for the program.

        How we did it
        Because needs, compliance issues, and regulations vary from HMO to HMO, SmithKline Beecham needed a versatile presentation program that could respond instantly to input from the client. We created a sophisticated, updateable database of compliances, regulations, products and services that generates customized solutions instantly. Sales reps also have the ability to personalize the presentation with logos and text.

      • IBM

        What it is
        A laptop sales presentation for IBM's Lotus Notes and Domino R5, which is downloaded off the internet by their international sales force.

        It only takes a few minutes for a sales rep in Madrid to download this impressive multimedia sales presentation, complete with script, highlights, and preparation notes. The advantages to IBM? Quality, continuity of message, critical timing and a worldwide reach.

        What we did
        Richard Craig served as creative consultant, instructional designer and writer on the project.

        How we did it
        The product was in final testing and would be released soon. An international sales force was standing by. Timing was critical. We worked with brand, sales, and marketing managers to refine key selling messages and presentation strategies. We presented concepts and developed a dynamic multimedia program, which could be compressed and delivered to the sales force in minutes. The program includes a 15 and 30-minute presentation, which can be altered for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

      • VCampus

        What it is
        A corporate Web site introducing prospective students and clients to one of the leading providers of eLearning courses and courseware.

        Visitors can access a vast catalog of courses, take a virtual tour through an eLearning system, or actually take a sample course. A newsletter about eLearning and VCampus activities is also part of the site.

        What we did
        Barbara Foley designed and developed the VCampus corporate identity Web site and newsletter.

        How we did it
        The Web site was designed to place the prospect in a familiar academic setting. The concept of eLearning is still new to many people so it is important make guests feel comfortable in an eLearning environment. The course catalog can be browsed or searched. Course descriptions and schedules can be read online or downloaded as PDFs. The virtual tour demonstrates the ease of use and capabilities of VCampus courseware. All content for the site is managed through an online site administration tool.

      • Video Clips

        What it is
        In addition to the films, videos, and animations we produce for our new media projects, we also take on other projects that exploit our ability to engage an audience in a unique pursuit of knowledge. These projects range from documentaries and education programs, to corporate communications and national TV commercials.

        What we did
        Some of the recent projects we have worked on include a segment from a United Way campaign, two videos for MCI/WorldCom, and a television commercial featuring Christopher Reeve.

  • Company

    Creating learning
    environments is always a
    learning experience.

    This is what excites, inspires and
    motivates all of us to excel. Our
    mission is to learn, excel and grow
    with each and every project.

    Craig Interactive is a new media production company that creates Learning Environments for exhibits, education, training, and communications applications. We utilize audiovisual, multimedia, and internet technologies to enhance the learning experience and empower the learner, no matter what age.

    Founded in 1993, Craig Interactive brings together three professionals with a combined fifty years' experience producing educational, informational, and training programs for museums, publishers, corporations, associations and other organizations.

    Richard Craig

    Richard Craig has been writing and producing educational programs for over 22 years.

    In that time, Richard has become nationally recognized for his utilization of media and technology to create innovative programs that stimulate and empower audiences, no matter what age. In addition to providing project supervision, Richard serves as the senior writer/editor on all projects. Whether it's an installation for a museum, a theatre film, a television show, a CD ROM or a Web site, Richard has a special talent for engaging the learner in unique pursuits of knowledge.

    How do you teach a twelve year old about molecular modeling? In Make a Medicine, one of many installations Richard created for Medicines; the inside story traveling exhibition, visitors attach molecules, turn them into a pill, and watch it travel through an invisible human as it tries to pass through the stomach, intestines, liver and on to the receptor site, all while learning about the complexities of creating medicines. In Digitize This!, an installation for the Once and Future Web exhibition at the National Library of Medicine, visitors see themselves on a monitor as they approach; they capture their image, manipulate it a hundred ways and then email it to a friend-and, incidentally, learn all about the processes of digitization. Richard and his team recently completed installations for the Discover Your Past exhibit at the National Archives Mid Atlantic facility in Philadelphia, where visitors can now listen to historical debates, or join a jury of their peers in deciding a divisive trial, or learn how to conduct genealogical research by following case studies.

    When you work with Richard and his team, the process is fun, the projects are imaginative, and the results are always memorable.

    Ellyn Meizlish
    Executive Producer

    Ellyn Meizlish is an experienced manager who brings rigor and discipline to every project. And she does it all with a smile. As a result, our projects are always on time and on budget. Ellyn is responsible for managing schedule, budgets and assets and spends much of her time at her computer supervising our epicenter, our project management Web site.

    Ellyn served as Project Manager for the Once and Future Web exhibit at the National Library of Medicine, where she helped us produce 15 installations in a five month period.

    She also managed the Discover Your Past exhibit for the National Archives.

    Before joining Craig Interactive, Ellyn managed the development of a Web casting news station for For ten years, Ellyn managed the multimedia productions division at MCI, where she could be seen juggling thirty productions at a time-and never dropping a ball. Ellyn began her career as a broadcast producer for advertising agencies.

    Ellyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati and a degree in Stage Fighting from the Drama School in London.

    Barbara Foley
    Creative Director

    Since 1994, Barbara has accumulated experience in all manner of interactive media design and production from conceptualization, prototyping and presentation to media production and programming. Working as a group leader with other members of the team, she develops methods to organize and display information in unique and orderly ways, providing end-users with experiences that are both engaging and educational.

    Exhibition projects Barbara has directed include the Discover Your Past installation for the National Archives; the Once and Future Web, Worlds Woven by the Telegraph and Internet installation for the National Library of Medicine and Medicines: the inside story, a traveling exhibit and CD-ROM for Task Force for Child Survival and Development.

    Barbara is published in the Richmond Arts Magazine, where she was awarded "Best in Show" for her digital artwork. At the Anderson Gallery Design Exhibition, she received the "Jurors' Choice Award" for her video and poster design. She is also a Macromedia Instructor teaching courses in the very same multimedia tools she uses, Director and Flash MX.

    Barbara holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with highest honors in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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